Registering to Race

image of the racer registration form

Registering for the Greenfield Soapbox Races

Racer applications, accompanied by a $30 filing fee, will be accepted starting now through Wednesday, May 4. We are accepting only sixty racers, so get it in early. Applications can be found here. Once you are accepted into the Race there are no refunds. THERE WILL BE NO SAME-DAY REGISTRATION. You must register by May 4.

Race date is Saturday, May 7th, 2022. Racers must start arriving at the check-in station for inspection at 8:30 AM at the dirt parking lot for the bike path on the south side of Nash Mill Road, Greenfield, MA (enter from the west-end of Nash Mill Road from Colrain Road -- one delivery vehicle, only) and must arrive no later than 10:00. Racers and vehicles must be ready to race when they arrive. All carts must be checked in, inspected, and ready to race by 11:30 AM.

Each cart can be entered into a division only once. If two people want to race the same cart in that division they must take turns as one entry. Carts may be entered into each division, though we encourage separate carts for each person racing. More carts! More fun!

Every vehicle / racer must go through an inspection at check-in before running the course. View the Vehicle Rules. Vehicle inspections are subject to the discretion of our Race Inspectors, and all decisions are final.

Racers will be split into three divisions by age:

  • “Kid Racers” are 8-12 years old;
  • “Teen Racers” are 13-19 years old; and
  • “Adult Racers” are 20 years and older.
    • "Adult Semi-Pro" for 20+ who want to compete in a separate super-speed class

Yes, adults are encouraged to enter. We are sorry, but for safety concerns you cannot race if you are under 8 years old on Race Day.

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