The Track & Parking

Map of Nash Mill Road with Parking Areas shown
Map of Nash Mill Road with Parking Areas shown

Details about the location, hill, and parking

The Track

The track starts at the top of Nash Mill Road's hill at Leyden Road and goes west. The final straightaway, about 1/4 of the course, will be lined with chearing fans and vendors. There will be announcers on a platform overlooking the track near the finish line.

Racers will be competing against each other for the speed trophies, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each division: kids, teens, and adults, with adults also having a "semi-pro" class for the super fast carts, as well as being judged on style by our style judge and local artist Rachael Katz. Our radio announcer will be Bear Country's Kevin in the Morning. The National Anthem will be sung by local singer Dawn Mayo.

Racers will have staggered starting points, with the Kid-Class racers starting partway down the hill; Teen-Class racers a bit higher up; and Adult-Class racers at the top, optionally on starting ramps.

Racers will get two qualifying heats, going down the hill in pairs side by side with another racer. Drivers MUST stay in their lane throughout the race or be penalized five seconds. In each heat racers will switch lanes so they get one heat in the left lane and one in the right. Both racers run times will be added together for a total race time.

Racers will go in age order, from youngest to oldest, going through each division, one pair of carts every two minutes, with short breaks between each age group to move the starting and finish lines.

The announcers will keep track of fastest times.

Racers Entry

Racers will enter nash's Mill Road from the west end, at Colrain Road, and drive to the check-in area by the bike path parking lot.

Parking Lots

The gravel parking lot for the bike path will be used for racer delivery vehicles, such as pick ups and trailers.

The recreation area's main lot will be used for spectator parking. Attendants will guide you to fit as tight as possible, as many spectators are expected and space is limited. Please car pool.

Once that lot fills up, we have overflow parking at the Valley Medical Group on Conway Street.

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