Greenfield Soapbox Races Raising Funds for Fireworks

Help fund the 2022 Independance Day Fireworks in Greenfield

The Greenfield Recreation Department will again be hosting a soapbox race on Nash's Mill Road, this time on Saturday May 7th at noon. The race will be a fundraiser for the annual Independence Day fireworks. We are looking for racers and sponsors to help make the event a success.

The derby is a fun community event for both racers and spectators, and brings in people from as far away as Albany and Pennsylvania. Families and even businesses can build carts and test their mettle to win trophies and fame in front of cheering crowds. Racers can be as young as 8 or as old as 80. Carts can be as simple as a three-wheeler bolted to a sheet of plywood, or as elaborate as a submarine with an octopus riding on top. We will have speed trophies as well as creative prizes.

We are looking for as many sponsors as possible, each of whom will be listed on the derby website, on lawn signs prominently located during the event, and included on the video that GCTV will shoot, with a DVD that will be made available for sale after the race. Higher-level sponsors will also be included on the posters that will be put up around town, as well as the t-shirts that will be available for purchase.

We are working hard to make this another annual event the Rec Department holds every year, and hope the residents of Greenfield and surrounding towns will participate to help make it a success, both as a fundraiser for the fireworks and as a way to bring people into town to watch the race and hopefully stay the day and see what Greenfield has to offer!

The sponsorship deadline is Friday, April 8th. Racer sign up deadline is Saturday, April 30th. Early bird racer signup (save $5) is April 1.

Please join us and support this awesome event. Information and sign-up forms are at

Christy Moore & Mik Muller

Recreation Director & Race Coordinator