2021 Greenfield Soapbox STYLE TROPHY Application

Mark Lattanzi in his Cheeze Whiz cart
Mark Lattanzi in his Cheeze Whiz

The Greenfield Soapbox Races awards trophies to the three fastest carts in each of the three divisions: kids, teens, adult, but there are also several STYLE trophies awarded, as determined by the Style Judges, all created by local artists.

Local artisans, crafters and makers create their trophies to be fun and whimsical, or grungy and mechanical, and name them "Loudest Cart" or "Cutest Cart" or "Craziest Cart" or whatever they think would be a good style trophy for a soapbox cart. Artists can make more than one trophy if they are so moved. They can also make a trophy for the Montague races happening the week after the Greenfield races.

The trophies should be at least 9 inches but no more than 2 feet tall, including the pedestal it is affixed to. A name plate with the title of the trophy and year should be on the pedestal. Make sure to sign or label your submission on the bottom. The trophy can be made of anything, including repurposed old toys or mechanical parts or whatever you may have laying around. Make it epic! People will put this on their shelves to display for years. Check these out from previous years.

There is no compensation for making the trophy, but you will get recognition on the day and a link (if requested) on the website with a photo of the tropy. Trophies need to be completed and handed in by Monday, September 6, at the offices of Montague WebWorks, 239R Main Street, Greenfield, MA. Enter from the parking lot in the back, behind city hall.

Thank you for signing up to create a memorable trophy for someone's hard work!

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